Host Online Meetings for Your
Business Resolutions

Conduct a live meeting where you do not only deliver a good quality of virtual session but easy access to 3D branding and much more…


Reach to the largest number of audience via one of OBTech’s feature of Virtual Conferencing. It provides easy access to businesses to organize, manage and monitor their virtual events using tools such as chat bots, webinars, event analytics, immersive booths, 3D conference hall, posters, etc.
Product unveiling has gone too far with the virtual world. Now, you can host a virtual Product Launch and use interactive tools to for instance audience polling, online Q/A sessions, forums, integrations, etc.
Lead generation and prospect engagement has never been this easy. Our dynamic online exhibition fairs can supercharge your marketing and connect exhibitors with attendees from all over
Simplify the hunt for quality real estate with an innovative virtual property show Take the hassle out of your property shows by letting agents and prospective buyers connect on an online platform that makes rich content readily available from the comfort of the participants’ mobile screens.
Welcome your employees through a functional and unforgettable virtual onboarding fair Boost productivity of new hires from across the globe with a virtual event that delivers onboarding 24-7 and trains via rich interactive tools like webinars, video/audio chats and much more. The best part? You can measure the event performance in real-time.
OBTech organizes many other types of virtual events such as virtual conference, virtual career fair, virtual job fair, virtual food show, virtual trade show, virtual graduation ceremony, virtual motor show, etc. Organize your events with OBTech and get your audience involved