Digitalization. Standardization. Optimization.

Here is how OBTech incorporates technology to deliver optimum facilities to industry officials




Orbit is one of the leading firms to provide in-depth solutions to brands by integrating preeminent marketing strategies. With more than 17 years of experience in event management and 700+ corporate events, seminars, conferences, workshops, festivals, entertainment events, trade shows and exhibitions, Orbit Advertising & Event Management is excelled in organising, managing and budgeting national and international events. 
Orbit is associated with more than 300 corporate clients from all sectors and have established partnership with several market leaders such as including FMCG, pharmaceutical, banks & insurance, media agencies, etc. working with organisations like Abbott, GSK, Roche, Martin Dow, Pfizer, Novartis, AKJ Group, AGP Pvt, ltd, HBL, Jubilee insurance, Orient Animal Health (Pvt) Ltd and many more. 
OBTech links several platforms virtually, keeping in mind the security as well as connectivity. OBTech focuses on management by objective approach in dealing with operations while aiming to improve the performance of the virtual services via effectively working on the goals and objectives. 


Our vision is to connect physical world with virtual reality and contributing towards
digitalized lifestyle, standardized sense of security with optimized 
means of communication among people.


The mission of OBTech is to create a global digital platform where
people can have an easy access to the virtual world
while connecting communities worldwide. 



Since OBTech is a platform to organize hybrid as well as virtual platforms, OBTech assures to take physical events to one step ahead into virtual domain

OBTech uses state-of-the-art portal for all online meetings and minimize the gaps in growing business caused after the pandemic
OBTech makes sure that communities from around the globe are participating in the virtual event from people around the globe
Communicate information to a chosen group of participants in an online meeting
With the help of virtual events organised, OBTech drives interaction with audience by providing innovative branding tools
The success of the event can now be easily monitored by using post event analytics via deciphering graphs
Maintain beneficial relations with vendors, collaborators, sponsors, clients and end-users
Provide an easy accessible online platform for organizations to tell brand story to an extensive group of audience
Depending on the purpose of the event, goals could be lead generation, strengthening customer relationships or brand development